Heavy Steel Black Coated Screen

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The Ultimate Trap Pan Cover

The screen lays very flat and makes a bigger kill area on your trap. This screen is for predator traps.  I cut the screen for the Victor-Montgomery 4's 6"X6" and trim the corners off.  I also cut a notch for the dog area.   No other screen compares to this.

A paper cutter works well for trimming all of the trap pan covers.

Jake traps cut 5 ½” X 5 ½”    Trim corners off.

Victor-Montgomery traps 3’s and 4’s cut 6” X 6”   Trim corners off.

Bridger 2's and 3's traps cut 6 1/4” X 6”  Trim corners off.

Notch for dogs and triggers.

Screen will be available in bundles of one dozen precut and five dozen precut pieces.  The screen will be precut at 6" W X 6" L.